Mark English Architects, AIA

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Architectural Design & Planning, Green Code Compliance, Interior Design

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San Francisco, Marin, Napa, Sonoma, the Peninsula.

Business Description
Mark English AIA and his associates at Mark English Architects create beautiful modern architecture, exploring the power of simple forms and spaces specific to place and client desire. Since its founding in 1992, Mark English Architects has designed numerous residential and entertainment spaces throughout California, Texas and Mexico. The firm has a special interest in building in the urban context, with half of its work occurring in San Francisco.

Mark English Architects offers a designer's sense of artistry, supported by practical knowledge gained from years of direct hands-on building experience, having worked as a carpenter on his first realized home design at the age of 19. The team respectfully guides the the client towards what could, and what should, happen in a space - so that they are both pleased and surprised by the results.

Mark's undergraduate experience at CalPoly included rigorous training in engineering and structural principles. Incorporating practical experience with structural systems and energy efficiency to the project early helps to streamline the design process.

Graduate studies at the Syracuse University campus in Florence, Italy complemented Mark's interests in Greco-roman and Mesoamerican archaeology and history.

As a licensed architect, Mark has supported the profession and his colleagues through participation in the AIA, the local AIA's Small Business Committee, and by coaching his peers on new strategies for social media and marketing. He has also promoted principles of energy-efficient design as it relates to compliance with California's Title 24 energy code, as well as green building programs such as Green-point Rating and the California Solar Initiative.

Mark English is the editor of two respected online magazines, and along with co-editor and writer Rebecca Firestone, has created a forum for the local architectural community with"The Architects' Take". A second online publication, "Green Compliance Plus" features residential energy compliance case studies and advice, as well as serving as a portal for Residential Title-24 services tailored for architects as clients.

The Firm is located in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood.
San Francisco Architect
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Mark English AIA 
523 Francisco Street
San Francisco, CA 94133 
(415) 362-9104 
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Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts: What’s the Difference?

If the zigzag and swirly designs of the past leave your head spinning, these descriptions will straighten you right out Full Story
     Comment   August 24, 2014
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Terry Bostwick Studio Furniture
Ah, ruffled feathers. Apologies first, eclecticedwardian, your academic offering was, and is appreciated from the beginning, as I stated early on. And I don’t question your veracity nor passions. But forgive our muddling, it is difficult to not be human. There is much for all of us to learn, that is what makes my creative 40 year professional life interesting, I have always been a sucker for my personal and professional enlightenment. That is why I chose to commit myself to course work in both architecture and interior design - not to become one of those, nor a doctor or lawyer, but to further my ability to bring beautiful objects to those who wish to live in a beautiful home, or office, too. (including many who prowl the halls of Too bad this conversation isn’t sitting around a coffee table over a glass of wine, we might understand each other better, and smile.

But I might add, the conversation led to other thoughts about the impact those early architects and designers had on all of us today - the mash up I spoke of (not what you might find at a Dead concert, thanks). Much of my part in this conversation concerns my own selfish interest in furniture (and other objects too) design throughout history. Many of the people we refer to during those incredible design times were not architects but still had a tremendous impact on western design and contributed to that mash up. And bumbling was hardly my thought, rather, once again, it is more about the discovery we are all impacted by on a daily basis if we are open to learn, by what we see others doing….even Wright and Sullivan must have had open minds and eyes or they never would have grown into their incredible offering.

My own history also has taught me about a myopic malaise with many architects, designers, furniture makers, manufacturers, and on and on, today, who only respond and duplicate work to the current trend - with no regard for what our antecedents chose to commit their lives to, creativity and exploration. It is more about money to be had than passions to explore. Many home owners/consumers aren’t aware of what they could have, and rely solely on what Ethan Allen has on their showroom floor, and don’t have the time to be passionate as you seemed to be about historical and scholarly study. So they love to read these articles Houzz provides, hoping to enhance there homes. I enjoy the articles myself.

To be clear, I study and listen to remain engaged as a designer and maker. Unfortunately most of my young and “old” furniture maker peers (and architects and interior designers, too), don’t think they needed no stinkin’ art history either, sad - all I heard from the architecture and interior design students was complaints about why they had to take those courses you taught, and how hard they were. And have seen one too many furniture maker with glazed eyes hoping soon t be done with my thoughts. Also sad. As for some of my professors in those courses I took, I seriously appreciated their passions (and what they were teaching me), as they appreciated mine while having me teach workshops not only for the students, but for their own edification on what makes a good piece of furniture - something they had little knowledge of, beyond Knoll. Both structurally and proportionally - what is the difference between a mass produced object and one that is thoughtfully created as uniquely suited to the client, and will last a hundred years? And I can’t count the number of architecture grads who have come to me for a minimum wage job to learn what I do.

So, we learn, and we grow from the mash up that time and discussion lays on our plate if we are open. But thanks for the clarification. Oh, and thanks for enjoying my furniture (that always feels good even after all these years taking chances), I’m grateful for having had the opportunity follow my passions and to spend my life doing what my surgeon father always wanted to do. Now I’m going to go take care of my fea
September 4, 2014 at 8:17AM   
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I love Art Nouveau. I have decorated my home around some wonderful art nouveau antiques. I found two iron panels and had a front door custom made to incorporate them.
September 6, 2014 at 5:48AM     
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Mark English Architects, AIA commented on a discussion
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Mark English Architects, AIA
Hi, they are by Blomberg.
August 21, 2014 at 5:19PM   
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