SL Crystallized Glass, officially called Sanlong Minicrystal, is a Chinese large scale manufacturer and direct exporter of Crystallized Glass. Located in Shuitou, China, a famous stone city in China, Sanlong Minicrystal has concentrated on producing crystallized glass for 6 years with the 4 kilns running 24 hours per day and more than 100 workers working hardly everyday.

Product Info
The most popular product in our factory is the crystal white crystallized glass which is widely known as white glassos in USA. Four colors, three slab sizes and thickness from 10mm-30mm available in our factory.

What is Crystallized Glass?
Formed like natural marble, Crystallized Glass is a kind of composite marble made by heating crystal granules to more than 1,000 degrees in about 13 hours.The crystallization of heated crystal granules gives CG ultimate strength and solidity.

Suited for external and internal applications, It has many advantages over natural stone.
1.No sealing and meshing needed 2. Strong Hardness, scratch resistant 3. Fadeless, with good weather durability
4. Zero water absorption, stain resistant 5. Acid, alkali and temperature resistance 6. Glistening luster 7. Non radioactive, Non toxic.

Service Provided
Supplier of white Glassos and other crystallized glass panel. Fabricating Crystallized Glass Slab.

Area Served
All over the world

Certification and Awards
Contact: Judi Zhu
Location: Renfu industrial park, Shuitou town, Nanan city,Fujian China
Shuitou town 362342
License Number: 350583680881728
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