Meypro Construction is a Vancouver based construction services company, offering a full range of construction solutions for commercial and residential projects. Founded in 2004 by Daniel Meyer, we take pride in forming lasting relationships with clients to meet a wide variety of construction needs. Built upon a combination of trades, business and architectural experience we drive our company with an ethical and reliable approach from project management, to pricing, through to implementation. It is our continuing goal to provide unparalleled service and quality in all aspects of construction to the highest professional standards. Our crews and trades are equipped with diverse skills in all aspects of the construction process. We deliver the best possible outcome, on time, and to the client or homeowner’s needs and specifications.

Daniel has over 25 years experience working within the industry and has worked at in capacities of the construction industry, from managing residential towers and shopping malls to building high end homes and renovations. Daniel has a deep understanding of the complexity this industry can often present, such as managing people, trades, consultants, as well as resolving complex problems in order to keep a project on schedule and budget.

It is our mission to ensure every client is completely satisfied with our work and we pride ourselves on contributing to your quality of life.

Services Provided
Build spec and custom homes
Contact: Daniel Meyer
Location: 540-4438 west 10th Ave.
Vancouver, British Columbia V6R 4R8
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