The most rewarding part of my practice of architecture is meeting wonderful people, getting totally involved in the intricacies of their often complex lives, and helping them find the most immanently appropriate solution for the issues of their built environment. My clients come from all walks of life and widely varying circumstances and I take great pleasure in learning something from each one of them.

Because my design solutions grow organically from the set of unique circumstances in which my clients find themselves, I utilize a wide variety of architectural styles and idioms, adapting them to achieve a design solution of the highest possible functional and aesthetic quality.

I have been involved in projects that range in size from very small residential planning consultations through mixed use, multi-family, high-rise commercial rehab, and small commercial building types. I have a particular interest in working with and preserving older architectural forms when called upon to modify them for today's lifestyles.

I also have depth of experience in designing for particularly difficult sites involving steep slopes and Environmentally Critical Areas in the Puget Sound area.

While the majority of my work is in or around the Seattle area, I have successfully worked with many of the neighboring jurisdictions, including Bremerton, Bainbridge Island, Shoreline, Mercer Island, Belleview, Kirkland, King County, and Suncadia. I am also licensed in Arizona, where I go to escape the rain.
Location: 4616 25th Avenue NE #251
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