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Our company manufactures mouldings for exteriors places and interior spaces. We have over 150 different profiles in stock but our specialty lies in producing custom shapes quickly and inexpensively. If you can draw it, we can make it.

We cater to a wide variety of professionals, from General Contractors to Architects and have built a solid foundation on taking care of people and their projects. We also work directly with homeowners.

Our plant is located in Toronto, Canada. Our reach is global, having shipped mouldings to all parts of the world.

If you would like to partner with us on your next project, please contact me at or by telephone at 1 888 MOULDEX.

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Mouldex Exterior & Interior Mouldings
If the moulding is larger than 6" (diagonal), paint it a different colour than your wall. If it's smaller, paint it the same.
September 18, 2014 at 9:14AM      Thanked by bsieminski
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Yes, i agree, painting those doors the same color as your trim will do wonders.
September 18, 2014 at 10:25AM   
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I really appreciate all the comments. In my haste to ask about cove molding, I did not include some significant changes that were not yet implemented when I snapped those photos. Painting the corner hutch ( which does have to stay in that corner) and the french doors was definitely on the to do list.!
September 18, 2014 at 8:19PM     
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Revolutionary Gardens
100% agree with hatetoshop about confirming with the utilities, BUT just know that's a separate call from Miss Utility/Digsafe/whatever the utlity locator service is called in CA. The locator service is funded by the utilities, but totally separate.

re: the comment about finding out the depth, let me be the voice of experience here: trust no information about depth but your own eyes. If you ask the gas company here in VA they'll tell you lines are 24" down. A few years ago the guys were hand digging near the marked gas line and 4 inches down they hit it. Also, cable and phone companies here are notorious in new subdivisions for literally laying their lines on top of the soil right before the builder sods.

To the OP, plants are definitely going to be your easiest solution if you don't want to erect a new fence. Step one, call for a utility locate and see what that side yard looks like. If you think you can plant while staying clear of the lines (24" away to either side is ideal, but people are known to cheat it), go for it. If it looks like spray paint spaghetti on the ground, a fence may be the only option.
September 16, 2014 at 6:02AM     
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Mouldex Exterior & Interior Mouldings
Check out these products from OZ BUILDING COMPANY, They might be perfect for your situation, no need to dig and a suitable way to cover a chain link fence.
September 16, 2014 at 6:14AM     
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Mouldex Exterior & Interior Mouldings
I think you should go with Wicked White
September 10, 2014 at 4:58AM     
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CDR Design
a larger bush on the corner like this. This garden is a little busy for your style, but note how large the plant bed is at the corner. I would extend the bed also to the other side of the sidewalk.

The bed appears to extend about 3-4 feet on the corner. It should actually extend about 10 feet. Then, it should undulate back in, then back out again at your front door area. Then back in and back out again at your stairs.

You can draw the bed now with a hose, then draw permanent bed with spray paint and cut the beds with a shovel. That will be a start.

13 hours ago   
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Leona Malone
WW ... That tree definitely has to "GO".. looks like it is "holding up the roof"!... to close to the house & too tall to be close to your ranch style house. I see that it is a deciduous tree so a deciduous "shrub" will serve the same purpose. You can purchase a large shrub quite inexpensively at this time of year. The "new shrub" could be planted out in line with the corner of the house. This position would actually give more "coverage" of the utilities.

Don't forget to leave a small path for the "meter reader" guy/girl. Here's your "Laugh for today" . In my small village the "meter reader /guy" was a panty thief!!. Here many people do not lock their doors when out. He would sneak in the house .. & steal panties or take them from the clothes line!!! Didn't want money .. just panties. Finally ladies caught on to who it might be . The police set up "a sting operation" & caught him red handed or should I say "Panties in hand". I hear that our new meter reader is going to be a young man that has previously arrested for stealing from some homes .. not here but in the city.People can change .. but I can see many "locked doors" in the future here in our previously "safe " community.

Agree with CDR ... beds should be configured as she mentioned. Keep the planting medium to low in height. Use mostly evergreens along the foundation with a few deciduous mixed in. Make sure to "Plant" out from the foundation far enough to allow for the mature growth & still have a breathing space... they really do grow fast once they get started. Check around your neighbourhood to see the "actual " size of mature plantings. Don't be afraid to ask the neighbours if you can measure their plants. Any "good " gardener will be more than happy to share their knowledge.

About the "parging". Why is that there? How do you know that the cracks aren't in the actual foundation... (unless your interior basement walls are uncovered). Walls can have cracks on the outside but not on the inside as mine does. Was it applied to cover up a " bad foundation job .. one that had cracks to begin with... or to face a foundation that was made of cement blocks". Whatever the case I would repair it "in case".

I see that the level of the bed in front of the living room window dips down quite a bit on the left. You might consider putting a small retaining wall there so that the plants under the window can be "level".
Sorry for the long post ... got carried away .. my obsessed gardener coming out!
10 hours ago     
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Mouldex Exterior & Interior Mouldings updated their profile
September 2, 2014
Mouldex Exterior & Interior Mouldings commented on an ideabook
   Comment   September 2, 2014
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Mouldex Exterior & Interior Mouldings
Hi bestrn, thank you for adding our MX405 crown moulding image to your ideabook. If there is anything I can be of assistance for, please let me know.
September 2, 2014 at 8:02AM   
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Mouldex Exterior & Interior Mouldings added 1 product to ideabook: Interior Waffle/Coffered Celings
   Comment   September 1, 2014
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Mouldex Exterior & Interior Mouldings
@paradesigns larger trim isn't always better even if the space is there to acommodate.

We like the idea of having ample room to add more elements like wall lights on the left and right side of the door or planters underneath.

The door trim size would be nice to see at 8" with window trim at 6".
September 1, 2014 at 5:19AM   
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I think window boxes would add interest and some boxwood curved to add a less square look along with taller plants behind the boxwood.
September 3, 2014 at 11:44AM   
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I'm firmly in the 'no shutters' camp here. They not only don't match the style of the house, especially the style you prefer, and will make the modern vs. colonial issue more confusing, but they will exacerbate the difference in size between the small windows on the left and the larger ones on the right. We've removed shutters from 2 houses for just that reason, and they have always looked better without them.

With any design, you want to draw the eye toward the things that you like and make the eye skim over things you like less. If you lean more towards the contemporary, then your design should highlight the contemporary elements and downplay the more traditional or colonial that don't dovetail as well with your preference. The suggestions made by kuzzwhy and the picture show a great suggestion for doing that, and can be done without huge expense.

Here's why I think these are great suggestions:
The darker painted garage doors give the house some visual 'weight' without making them a focal point. If the house feels too top heavy or 'light-weight', it feels less substantial and comfortable to the eye.

Typically, you want your eye drawn toward the entrance, because that's the destination for any visitor. A brightly colored door easily makes the entrance a focal point, and once we're looking at the door, the details around it are more important. An interesting light fixture above the door is a great way to show your style without committing to anything too permanent or expensive, since a light fixture is not that hard to change. If you like contemporary style, find something bold and contemporary.

A lot of suggestions have glossed over the walkway, but I think the picture offered by kuzzwhy shows why it's important. It's just as much visual as functional. If you want focus to come to the front entrance, a walkway from the street literally shows the way visually and functionally. A diagonal or random-ish pattern with concrete pavers add dimension and interest, as well as bringing in more contemporary style.

For plantings, I would suggest collecting photos of gardens you really like and taking some time to plan it. Curved edges in the garden beds will soften the strict lines of the house and add, you guessed it, visual interest ;)

Best of luck to you; a new home is such an exciting project! I hope you post 'after' pictures so we can see how it turns out!
September 4, 2014 at 7:36AM     
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Mouldex Exterior & Interior Mouldings added 1 photo to ideabook: Interior Waffle/Coffered Celings
   Comment   August 31, 2014
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