We are a Vancouver based business with a passion for smart living spaces and solutions. When searching for multifunctional furniture, we had a struggle finding quality wall beds that had style and functionality. When we were lucky enough to find something that seemed to work, it was out of a reasonable price range, required European mattresses and sheets, or was just plain outdated.

We strive to have the best quality pieces below market value. We do this by producing items of the utmost quality and selling directly to customers without any fancy showrooms or huge marketing budgets which the customer ultimately ends up paying for. We have been adding coffee tables and will slowly bring in more products after rigorous testing and research to uphold our quality standards and pricing.

Our customers space issues inspire us to be creative and continually look into designing around the current space we have instead of sacrificing it. If you have any ideas, products or projects you are looking for inspiration with, please let us know!

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