Natina Products, LLC develops, manufactures, and applies our three technologically advanced staining solutions which currently include: Natina Steel (for permanently staining: Guardrails, Chain-Link Fence, sign posts, and/or just about any other galvanized surface), Natina Concentrate 500 (for Rock), & Natina Concrete Formula (for Concrete).

All of our high quality staining solutions are exclusive products developed with the latest in organic chemistry. Composed of natural oxidizers and soft, buffered organic acids, Natina is used to enhance the appearance of a large variety of surfaces for a fraction of the cost of typical pigment based colorants. In addition to saving you money on your next project, Natina is also environmentally safe and the results will last for decades without fading from sun exposure (paints, stains, and integral color fade within just a few short years) therefore reducing future maintenance and associated expenses! Natina can achieve earth tone brown hues ranging from tan to very dark brown (almost black). Color intensity varies based on the dilution rate selected for the individual project and the composition, and initial color, of the target surface.
Contact: Ryan Morey
Location: PO Box 4563
Palm Desert, CA 92261
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