Mold Inspection & Testing New Orleans LA

Services Provided
New Orleans Mold Inspection, New Orleans Mold Testing

Areas Served
New Orleans and surrounding areas

Typical Job Cost
$300 - $500
Full Inspection with 2 air samples is $300. Any additional, either air or surface are $75/each.

Business Description
If you have never heard of Mold Inspection & Testing New Orleans before, this is likely the first time that you are looking for a mold inspector. MI&T is the largest and most trusted inspection company in the nation. We offer our services to over 50 major metro areas without a conflict of interest. What does that mean exactly? Basically, other than offering you a detailed report for what steps need to be taken by a professional mold remediation company, we take no part in the restoration process. That is only if you actually require those services. Mold is all around us, there are natural levels both indoors and outdoors. Our air and surface sampling will let us know exactly what species of mold is present and how much of it. Our certified inspector will take this data and info gathered on the visual check to give a definitive answer of whether there a problem exists or not. We have plenty of clients who think they have a problem and avoid thousands in mold removal costs by testing and finding out everything is normal. Even if you do have something that needs professional remediation, our inspection can save you money by consolidating the work area and keeping costs as low as possible. We are your ally in the fight against mold!

Certification and Awards
New Orleans, LA US 
Mold Inspection & Testing New Orleans LA 
2601 Gentilly Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70122 
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