Project designer/builder/developers. A small new company which only takes projects which can be demonstrated to be very green, when evaluated by internationally accepted criteria for sustainability.
Consultants on Sustainability in Business.
Consultants for Aid & Development projects.
Now, we innovate new kinds of buildings. Whether a bamboo house, or timber bungalows, or a minimalist resort villa in concrete, they have to be very green by international standards.
We don't do projects just for money. No really, we don't. Green business means ethical business, and our credibility is everything, so every project must be guaranteed to be very green before we take it on.
Specifically, our recent projects are:
Design/construct Bali Eco Stay
Design/construct Simon's Bamboo House
Design/construct Bamboo Yoga Pavilion at the Eco Lodge
Design/construct Roger & Susie's 4Bedroom Minimalist beach house - current, completion early 2013
Design/construct/commission/manage/sell Sumber Sari Eco Villas, 8 solar powered, solar-passive, seaside resort villas - The first villa 'EV1', is finished and is (soft) renting, the property is now selling villas 'off the plans', go to...

Services Provided
Sustainability Consulting... scoping, assessing/reporting, integrated design, planning and community liaison, implementation, construction, oversight, training
Eco Tourism Development & Management by Green Guidelines

Areas Served
Bali - Indonesia - International

Certifications and Awards
Diploma of Permaculture
Contact: Norm van't Hoff
Location: Sarinbuana Eco Lodge, Wana Giri, Tabanan, Bali
Tabanan 08157
License Number: AHU-39623.AH.01.01.2011
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