v ä v a! ve v e! is a premier weaving studio specializing in high quality, eco-friendly, luxuriously beautiful, hand-woven linen textiles for the home and personal use.

At v ä v a! ve v e! our intent is to inspire joy and delight through simple elegant designs by using linen, one of earth's most ancient fibers, in designing and hand weaving impeccable textiles, while attempting to tread lightly on our planet. Our linens use fiber having the Masters of Linen certification and are extremely eco-conscious and sweatshop free! As one of our loyal customers has said, "Our linens are healthy, durable, and GORGEOUS, not the dull drab linen found at your local co-op!"

Services Provided
The flagship assortment of handwoven textile products is made up of table linens, bath and spa towels, pillow covers, throws, scarves and stoles, and yard goods.
Contact: Marian Quanbeck Dahlberg
Location: 3851 Vandan Road, Suite B100
Minnetonka, MN 55345
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