Robert and Cortney Novogratz and their seven children have made stylish family life hip again in the lexicon of pop culture.
For more than two decades Bob and Cortney have been designing, traveling and on the constant hunt for collecting new pieces, refurbishing vintage and creating original furniture and home goods when they couldn’t find the right look in the market place. The natural progression was to launch their own home goods line. The collection retains the integrity and recognizable look of the Novogratz luxe aesthetic and seemlessly marries modern and vintage and high and low priced decor. Novogratz™ launching summer 2011.
And with international coverage and their multitude of talents, The Novogratz family has been on the cover of New York Times, Home-”Branding the Family, Prepare to be Intrigued!”
You know them as the family from Bravo’s hit show, 9 By Design, having aired or currently airing in Canada, Poland, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, and much of Latin America.

From their recent appearances as design experts on The Rachel Ray Show: and or perhaps from their popular Rizzoli book, Downtown Chic.

The power of the Novogratz name just continues to grow more and become more visible. Across all media, from the power of their work and their products, and as everybody’s favorite family-the family they all wish they had! The Novogratz Family, the most aspirational family in America. Their family life a source of inspiration and awe among their fans!
Contact: Robert Novogratz
Location: 39 West 14th Street Suite 405
New York, NY 10011
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