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PamDesigns 3D creates computer generated renderings of residential spaces that are developed from your 2D plans and photos. She can help you visualize the potential of a space whether it exists as a built environment or only in the 2D planning stages. If requested, fine art effects can be applied to computer renderings to give them the look of hand painted artwork on canvas or pressed papers.

Areas Served
Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties, California

Business Description
Unique residential renderings by PamDesigns 3D tell the story of a place that you can relate to! An online service that provides beautifully crafted photo-realistic and artistic renderings that illustrate natural lighting and the cultural significance of content as it pertains to time and location. Follow my blog

Certification and Awards
Bachelor of Interior Architecture, University of Oregon, 1996
Santa Maria, CA US 
Pamela Rodriguez 
Santa Maria, California,
United States 
(866) 338-2230 
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How to Navigate an Extended Guest Stay

Keep sharing living quarters a positive experience by pondering the answers to these questions in advance Full Story
     Comment   on Wednesday
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Very we'll timed article. I'm in the process of buying but the it is going much slower than expected and my current landlord has already given notice so I have to move out next week. I'm putting most of my things in storage and will stay with a good old friend in his small flat for the interim period (hopefully only a couple of weeks). I'm very conscious of the fact that he is used to living on his own (and so am I!) but I am immensely grateful that he offered temporary refuge. These tips will come handy to make sure we remain friends ;-)
on Monday at 3:02pm     
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Janet Broaddus
When my 29 year marriage ended, I moved in with my widowed mother. Although I imagined being with her for 3-6 months, I stayed for THREE years. We sorted out all issues early and because we loved each other's company, it was easy and the smartest decision as I navigated my way in the world as a single woman again, plus having me there made her feel safe. We both saw those years as a gift for each other. The fact that her beautiful home was a block from the Florida Gulf Coast, at the North end of Clearwater Beach, didn't hurt.
My precious mother passed away exactly a year ago when she was 94 yrs old. Thank you for taking me in, Mom.
on Monday at 9:51pm     
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many years ago , for various reasons , we moved in with our neighbours for 6 weeks. The fivekids were housed in the master bedroom and the 2sets of adults slept in the kids bedrooms.It was amagical time for us , no TV so endless running and playing outside. A financial account waskept as to who spent what, and my mom loved to tell that when the final accounting was made, one family owed the other family ONE PENNY. Fifty years later and living on 3 continents, we all remain very close in love and friendship
on Monday at 10:37pm     
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The docs told us my mom should leave the hospital for hospice as she had less than 4 mos; my sister and I were stunned. Then my husband said as my mom hadn't done well in a nursing home before, she should move in with us.
Had to have my sister and brother on board to help out. She went from being entirely disabled (catheter even) to making her own food.

My boys might have had to be quiet at times, hubby and I were squeezed into the other bedroom, a lot of care - but having her with us was wonderful.
The boys learned to give her insulin shots. I watched Perry Mason with her. My husband had many conversations with her and cut her slice of bread thinner. She danced at my daughter's wedding and watched 2 more grandkids birthed.

Finally, we told her she had to go home after 6 mos (where she lived with my sister)! She lived another year and a half after. I don't think she would have made it 4 mos at a nursing home.
When I get really mad at my husband, I do remember his thoroughly unselfish suggestion none of us thought of.
on Tuesday at 9:36am     
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My siblings and I have all taken turns moving our families into our parents' house while we reno/build our own. It's currently my turn. Each time one of the families leaves, my dad cries. It makes him so happy to be around us and his grandkids everyday. This morning he said to my toddler daughter, "Are you going to move out and break your grandfather's heart?" He and my mom are such generous, loving people. They've set the parenting bar pretty high.
on Tuesday at 11:41am     
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PamDesigns 3D uploaded 1 photo
April 4, 2014
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Considering a New Kitchen Gadget? Read This First

Save money, time and space by learning to separate the helpers from the hassles Full Story
     Comment   March 27, 2014
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PamDesigns 3D
The flat head screwdriver (or tip of a butter knife) works. You can also run the jar lid under hot water which can make it expand and easier to break the seal. I have a couple of "freebie" jar openers I keep handy. They are just a thin rubber pad (provided by my bank I think) that grips onto the lid and makes it easier to loosen.
March 27, 2014 at 1:57am     
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Home Furniture and Patio
Great tips! I especially love the warning about buying gadgets that do so many things at once. People are so enticed with 10-in-1 kitchen appliances that end up doing these 10 tasks poorly. It would have been better to buy 10 tools that individually do these 10 tasks properly.
April 8, 2014 at 4:59am   
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Bathroom Workbook: 12 Things to Consider for Your Remodel

Maybe a tub doesn’t float your boat, but having no threshold is a no-brainer. These points to ponder will help you plan Full Story
     Comment   March 23, 2014
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Wow - our next reno is going to be adding a bathroom, and there are a whole lot of things here that I never even thought of!

If you could just wrap and ship that last bathroom, from Jody Brettkelly, that'll do nicely, thank you. ;)
March 20, 2014 at 12:16pm     
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March 21, 2014

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