Robert Kaner Interior Design

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Business Description
Princeton- and Harvard-educated Robert Kaner brings a compelling set of qualities to his interiors: a refined aesthetic sensibility, a keen analytic ability and a meticulous attention to detail. Following a career as a corporate attorney with a leading global law firm, Kaner returned to school to pursue his passion for interior design. Within a short time after founding his design firm, Kaner’s work received national recognition in several leading design publications including Interior Design and Metropolitan Home magazines.

In designing interior spaces, Kaner combines a modernist design approach with an appreciation for gracious living. Each space takes on a distinctive look and feel developed for the particular project - the result of a considered design process which focuses on the client’s lifestyle and the character of the architectural surroundings.
New York, NY US 
Robert Kaner 
526 West 26th Street, Suite 422
New York, NY 10001 
(212) 727-7257 
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