Founded in 2006, RoehrSchmitt Architecture was the natural outgrowth of a shared faith in the power of design to bring clarity and resolution to any given set of conditions.

We have a simple mission: to provide high performance, life-enhancing design with speed, efficiency, value, and fun.

Our firm is small by design. Staying small is what allows us to ensure that every project, client, partner, and collaborator receives the attention they require and deserve. It keeps us light and nimble, allowing us to quickly assume the form most appropriate to your project.

RoehrSchmitt Architecture offers idealism tempered by experience; a record of solid performance, exemplary work, and an abiding belief that every project has the potential to not only meet our needs, but to exceed our expectations, and make manifest the aspirations with which it was conceived.

Area Served
Mostly Minnesota and the Twin Cities Metro area.
Contact: Michael Roehr
Location: 2146 Juliet Ave
St Paul, MN 55105
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