Rubaroc International is the 31-year old innovator of comfortable, non-slip, resilient but hard-wearing "poured-in-place" Rubaroc Rubber Safety Surfacing. Rubaroc is perfect for all under-foot surfaces from pool decks, spas, patios, walkways, paths & steps to playgrounds, splash-pads, wheelchair ramps, garages, kennels & boats. Originally developed back in 1983 for the wet-deck market due to its proven ability to aid in the prevention of slip-fall accidents on pool decks, Rubaroc has evolved over the years into the muti-task all-rounder it is today.

Rubaroc eliminates the need for costly, time consuming, and not least of all, disruptive removal of existing materials. Comprised of the highest quality, purpose-made rubber granules combined with a specially formulated resin binder, Rubaroc is hand troweled OVER imperfections and minor undulations on a solid sub-base, creating a seamless, carpet-like surface that will last for years - it's the perfect FAST-FIX for old, cracked, damaged concrete, slab or tile! Rubaroc is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and easy to maintain with a simple cleaning routine. In warm climates, Rubaroc resists absorbing heat, so feet feel comfortable even on a hot day. In cold climates, it shrugs off ice & light snowfall, is impervious to freeze/thaw and is strong enough to withstand a snow shovel or snow blower. Available in a wide variety of beautiful, UV stable colors, it not only provides a safe, soft, tactile surface, it visually enhances the surrounding environment. But that's not all...borders, designs & logos can be embedded into the surface creating a stunning vignette in both residential & commercial landscapes. Imagine a family crest, club emblem or company logo on an entrance step and patio; a basketball or hopscotch area in the backyard; pets paw-prints leading to the kennel! All this is possible with Rubaroc.

Through our rapidly growing Dealer Network, we're now able to provide this innovative product throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Please take a look at our website to see why we have become the contractor of choice for so many high profile commercial & residential projects. We look forward to hearing from you!

Services Provided
Rubber Safety Surfacing & resurfacing for all the following applications: pooldeck, spa, patio, walkway, path, entrance, steps, stairs, garage, shed, playground, playarea, games court, splash-pad, daycare, childcare, wheelchair ramp, veterinary, kennel, doggy-daycare, boatdeck, marina, aquatic, golf club, hotel, resort, waterpark, restaurant, storefront, showroom & workshop

Areas Served
USA, Canada, Mexico & the Caribbean
Location: Dealerships Nationwide
Registered Office, TX 78664
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