Cultural’s interior designer firm has worked with corporate , government,and private clients to design major commercial,Residential, hotels ,health care and research & offices and mixed used projects. The number of commissions the firm accepts is carefully limited to ensure a high degree of personal involvement by the principles. Cultural’s interior designers seeks to produce the best possible interiors for each circumstance and the work of cultural’s interior designers constrained by a personal style or a signature, with this approach the firm has designed several exceptional interiors in the Kolhapur , Ratnagiri, Chiplun, Mahad , Pune and other cities. We like to make design understandable to the clients. It comes from the belief that there in no perfect solution, there are several good solutions With the use of simple geometry the circle – square – rectangle and primary forms cubes, prisms and pyramids we manipulates proportions and thus the scales of each project, most of our interiors have an emphasis on the exterior with glass being the material of choice for the skin , blue brown , bronze , mirrored , opaque , and transparent the use of glass ads visual interest to the interiors. Constant explorations of design concept and thoughts that will ultimately contribute to making the environment a better place. We are committed to providing our client with design solutions that are innovative, yet always appropriate
Contact: sanjay charate
culturals interior designers,g1,atharwa vishwa,opp himmat bhaadar parisar,tarabai park,
kolhapur,maharashtra state,india 416003
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