I am privileged to listen to my clients' dreams about their living spaces, and working together, transform those dreams into the reality of architectural experience. Ideas, concepts, fantasies, and wishes are all on the design table for exploration and discovery to enable the design solution to evolve naturally and organically incorporating aesthetic, functional, environmental, and budgetary worlds in a final design.

This opportunity to create one's space incurs responsibility and sensitivity to the realities and dictates of planning and building codes, neighborhood guidelines and character, and the use of sustainable and ecological materials and methods throughout the building process.

Regardless of the size and scope of work, all our projects are regarded with the same enthusiasm for the difference they will make in the lives of their owners and the fundamental solutions they will provide to the issues of light and space, connection to nature, and programmatic requirements.

I encourage a participatory design process that draws upon the expertise of the client, the architect, the builder, the crafts person, and the artist to create a unique architectural project whose realization is rivaled only by the excitement of the design process that made it possible.

Areas Served
San Francisco Area
Contact: James Stavoy
Location: 679 Sanchez St.
San Francisco, CA 94114
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