Building Perfect Headboards, Beds, Ottomans
& more!

We want to build the "Just Right!" "It's Perfect!" Headboard/Bed for you TODAY!

Every room deserves a bit of "Wow!" And your bedroom is no exception. But if you have ever wondered through a furniture gallery or showroom or perused the internet's largest retailers you've probably felt your eyes glaze over as you begin to see what we see, a vast expanse of like styles and trends with only minor variations in colors and $$$ to separate them from one another.

If you are a unique individual with a distinct style then you probably have thought
"why can't I find this just a couple shades darker/lighter?" Or
"Can I get that in candy apple red?" Perhaps you wondered
"why can't I get the linen headboard in blue?"
"I like it but I wish the nailhead tacks were in pewter instead of bronze."
"Its not tall enough."
"Sold Out? Nooooo!"
"I want crystal buttons instead of matching ones."
"Can I add wings?" Or

"If it only had more tufting it would be Perfect?"

Not Available is simply NOT in our vocabulary. Discontinued? Ha!
It is simple...browse our ever expanding style gallery for hard to find luxurious classic and chic designs available as listed or modified to your preference! Or simply send us a quick description of your illusive dream bed accompanied with photos of design features you love.

Thats it! A member of our design team will be assigned to you for a streamlined Q&A via email (and if available, text or voice call) to discuss specifics and create a Private Listing with your name on it.

Your Welcome!!!!

Tacks & Tufts LLC offers superior custom luxury crafted from the finest materials available. Choose your fabric, color/print/pattern and decorative features like nailhead tacks and tuft type. Need specific dimensions to accommodate for awkward spaces, low or sky high ceilings or storage space under the bed? No problem. We are here to deliver what no one else can, a truly unique furniture buying experience where you are Commander and Chief of your own style nation.

Although we specialize in Beds, Ottomans and Lounges our Team of Designers collectively have conquered just about anything you can imagine. So send us an email and give our designers a whirl. We are confident you will be so pleased you'll be placing that second order for the guest room in no time.

Dream Big!

Services Provided
Design Consultations
Custom Options
One of a Kind Designer Pieces

Areas Served
Greater Houston Area
United States
Contact: Katie Gratia -Senior Designer
Location: 7268 Regency Square Court
Typical Job Costs: $400 - 3000
All listed prices are for the item listed. Cost breakdown will be provided during design consultations and prior to finalizing custom orders.
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