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Terra Flame Home is a clean burning portable fireplace fueled by an eco-friendly energy source. When it burns it is smokeless, odorless, and virtually CO2-free, requiring no ventilation. This allows Terra Flame Home to go anywhere, giving you the versatility to change your environment as you please.

Your fireplace will no longer control the design and layout of your room. Terra Flame Home firespaces provide more than just the warmth and glow of fire. They are furniture, art and accessory, bringing beauty, design, and utility to your home.
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Thank you for your interest in our Habitat collection. The Habitat is our best selling indoor collection because of its quality and versatility. Every unit is made to order by hand in our Salt Lake City, Utah production facility. The Habitat Collection was designed to be a full entertainment system with, of course, a built in self-contained fireplace. Designed to furniture scale, built with bench craft quality and available in any one of our 23 WOOD, STEEL, AND SOLID COLOR VENEER FINISH OPTIONS. The Habitat collection is the most unique, versatile and self-contained vent less fireplace in the world.


The Habitat is available in wood, steel and solid color finish options. We use the highest quality wood and metallic veneers. Our solid color finishes are a color through high-gloss laminate. See all of our finish options on our website at:

Additional Details:

Configuration - With each burner option you have three door and drawer configurations to pick from. A door on each side, a door on the right and two drawers on the left and two drawers on each side. Our most popular configuration is with two drawers on the left facing side and a door on the right. The configuration is based on the space you have available and your storage needs and, of course, the overall look. Your Habitat unit will come with 9" square brushed stainless steel legs for free standing use at a height of 31" as well as a French cleat to mount to the wall at whatever height you desire. This said, we are happy to customize your legs to any height you want. Cleat mounted installations should be done by a licensed installation professional to insure it is safely hung. The cleat is only as strong as it is mounted to the wall. We use quality soft close hardware on our doors and drawers. The door configurations come standard with an adjustable shelf and built in bottom wire grommet for your AV equipment. Drawers are made of a white Baltic birch that goes with any of our finish options.

Size - Each configuration and burner option is a different size so please make sure you have measured the space the unit is going in so that it fits properly. The weight varies from 220lb. to 400lb. depending on the unit you pick.

Fuel - Terra Flame Home fire spaces are fueled by SunJel. SunJel as a 20 year old brand and recognized as the finest gel fuel on the market. As Steve Young started this company, he wanted this product to burn using the best fuel or the design would mean nothing so when SunJel came available to purchase buying it was a no-brainer. When SunJel burns, it is smokeless, odorless and virtually CO free. In-fact, it creates less of a carbon footprint then we do when we breathe. This is what gives our product the freedom and versatility to go anywhere in your home with no costly hookups and ventilation. Each can is 16oz with 13oz of gel fuel and burns for 3 to 4 hours. The flame is 7" to 10" high with a rich gold color and soothing natural crackling sound. We sell the fuel at our www.sun-jel.com site. Your unit will come with one complementary 24-pack case. Re-ordering is simple and fast.

Lead Time - 3-5 weeks.

Each Indoor Habitat Unit comes with the following accessories at no cost:
1) 6” Magnet Lid Opener
2) 24 Pack Case of SunJel Pure
3) Set of 9” Stainless Steel Legs
4) 24” Lighter

Please look things over and let me know what burner, configuration and finish you are interested in.

I hope this answers all of your questions, however do not hesitate to contact me about anything else.

Thank you!
August 12, 2014 at 8:16AM   
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