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Terrat Elms was founded on the principal that successful design is not about just making something beautiful – it’s about helping clients build an experience they love, and never want to leave. It’s about mixing new and old, expensive and everyday, the crazy fun and seriously sentimental. It’s about opposing the typical and falling for the unconventional.

We know first hand that it’s not always easy. But it can always be fun. It’s the hard work we love, orchestrated by the people we love to work with – architects, engineers, mill workers, furniture makers, upholsterers, collectors, store owners and managers. The kind of people that welcome the day with the thought of something extraordinary. And the kind of people that understand that a budget can be inspiration’s best friend.

In our six years together we have approached clients and projects without preconception. Corporate, residential, urban, vacation, young, established, modern, classical. To us, it’s all about helping people to find their style and expressing it to the fullest. And we hope that this is just the beginning.
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6 Spot-on Places to Use Penny Tiles

You’ll flip for these coin-shaped wall and floor tiles in bright colors, subtle neutrals and even clear glass Full Story
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The Habitus Collection
Thanks for mentioning our Habitus Cork Mosaic Tile! See more at www.habituscollection.com.
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Flavin Architects
We used penny tile as an accent wall tile in this serene modern bathroom!
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Terrat Elms Interior Design now has a photo featured in an ideabook

To Chop or Not to Chop?

Karate-chopped pillows pop up in design photos all the time — to the delight of some, the dismay of others. Here's why Full Story
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I didn't notice this controversy until the last few months in a Houzz discussion. I'll take a relativistic stance on chopping: if your German grandmother did it 60 years ago, it's fine. If you started doing it in the last 5 years because of American design trends (and not because you just became an adult and are the granddaughter of aforementioned German grandmother), it's contrived. Like the puddling of the curtains from a few years back...it's not objectively beautiful, tailored, elegant, or anything else. It's just TRENDY. Which is fine, if you know that's what you're achieving. I don't really care what people do with their pillows, but I can't be bothered to chop mine. I just re-fluff them when I have extra time (not that often).

And I now need to see a hugged pillow. That sounds like a look I could embrace. Heh heh.

However:" This collection of toss pillows in different patterns and prints is unified by the consistent use of a chop." By the logic employed in this sentence, I could put twenty styles of furniture in a room in a host of clashing colors and prints, and in the twinkling of an eye they could be aesthetically "unified by the consistent use of" a butcher knife to stab each of them.
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I'm a gentle chopper -- not severe. I'm a bit OCD, so I like to control the shape of my pillows. What I don't understand are pancake pillows. I see them often in photos from the UK, but other places too. Even some of the pillows in the photo above with the little girl (a photo which I love overall, btw) look like they have been sat upon or napped upon. While I don't have a problem with pillows being more than just for looks, I prefer that they be fluffed and repositioned when no longer being "used."
2 hours ago   
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We worked with Terrat Elms on a complete revision of our Back Bay condo (new at the time). They were wonderful to work with, got the project done on time, and h...
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Dee and Alicia did a wonderful interior design job at our apartment in Boston. It has been transformed in to a warm and welcoming house for us. Their ability to...
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Our house was gut renovated by the television show This Old House so it was a complicated project with many players. From the beginning I was impressed by the ...
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Andrew & Dee(& Alicia) did an amazing job for my family when living in Boston! They were so wonderful to work with, always presented EVERY penny upfront so the...
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Review by jessicareardon:

The team at Terrat Elms is terrific. They listened carefully and really understood our style. They worked well within the parameters we gave them and presented ...
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