Butz + Klug
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157 West Newton St, Boston, MA 02118
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The continuing aspiration of our office is to create buildings of extraordinary beauty. This is not only rewarding to us but also serves the best interest of our clients both immediate day-to-day life and long term economic interests. To that end we assemble a team that has the same aspirations, from our employees to contractors and artisans. The 'style' of our work varies from project to project depending on client, budget and site (context and locale). Using these conditions as a point of departure produces a uniqueness that characterizes each project. We also enjoy the belief that utility and beauty often have the same ends, and that these ends are unrelated to economics and style. We also believe that beauty grows exponentially in the details and fabric of the building. We are described as obsessive and we enjoy that description, knowing that the details amplify the operative ideas of our work, contribute a continual sense of wonder and enjoyment to those that use our buildings and add an unmatched value to our clients.
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