Crawlspace Doctor
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Tom Saucier, Owner
193 N Helton Rd, Springville, IN 47462
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Crawlspace Doctor was established in Bloomington Indiana in 2002. Crawlspace Doctor was one of the first companies in the country to exclusively implement the practice of conditioned/ unvented crawlspaces. Crawlspace Doctor were perfecting our methods when almost everyone else still believed in vented crawlspaces. Over time conditioned crawlspaces became the preferred method for constructing crawlspaces under homes. The process of conditioning a crawlspace is so successful it created an entire new industry. As a leader in the industry we pride ourselves in providing a large variety of products to fit our clients individual needs. Crawlspace Doctor will NEVER be a company that supplies only one solution with one product for every need. Crawlspace Doctor constantly work with manufactures and suppliers to provide the best and most cost effective products .
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