Norsk Wood Works
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Phillip Odden, Owner
20337 County Road H, Barronett, WI 54813
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Phillip Odden and Else Bigton make their living as wood carvers and furniture builders in the Norwegian traditions. Else was born and grew up in Norway. Her grandfather transported milk cans every morning with his trusted fjord mare. Phillip’s paternal Grandparents emigrated from Norway to Northwestern Wisconsin. Phillip and Else together with their son Ole and several fjord horses live on a farm in a community where there have been Odden's now for four generations. Naturally there have also been horses on Odden farms in each generation. Previously the horses were used as farm power. Now the horses are used in recreation, sport, and as willing companions. In our lives the fjord horses are a connection to the land we live on and to the Norwegian mountains of Else’s childhood. We learn from them as we teach them to be good horses and gentle working companions. Our goal is to raise the finest fjord horses in North America. Horses with inherited first class dispositions, sound conformation, and solid training. In addition to training fjords Phillip and Else have melded images of fjord horses in their carvings and furniture. Horses have long been a prominent subject of Norwegian folk art. This is not strange. A good horse represented wealth, power, and status. A majestic stallion was paraded and promoted. When a notable stallion passed through the neighborhood on a breeding mission people stopped to watch. Horses have always thrilled people. A horse’s image is good for a man’s heart. I have heard it said that the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man, or woman.
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