Open Earth Landscaping
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Britany Lovejoy, Owner
388 Route 78, Alburgh, VT 05440
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"Vermonters, if you need a Vermont landscape contractor, have I got news for you! The very best is Open Earth Landscaping. What makes them not only best, but also very unique is that a husband and wife team owns this company. Jay is highly educated right here in Vermont and has a degree in Landscaping Horticulture from Vermont Technical College and his wife, Brittany got her Business Management degree. They have wonderful children and their business is based in Swanton, Vermont. Now, you will love dealing with Jay and Brittany because they are both business driven people who still believe in an honest day’s work, and have the amazing work ethics that their parents had. Jay is a truly talented landscaping contractor who knows all the ins and outs of not only landscaping, but also using computers for landscape design as well as utilizing his own incredible talents. When you hire Open Earth Landscaping, you don’t just hire a landscaper. Their company also offers tree and shrub planting, patios and walkways of all kinds, wonderful fire pits, sod installation, proper pruning of trees and shrubs, installation of paver patios, construction of amazingly gorgeous retaining walls, in addition to erosion control prevention and even Hydro Seeding! This Vermont landscape contractor does it all, and does it right too. People are also very amazed at how clean the work is, and how they actually deliver what they promise when it is promised! You will definitely not hear lame excuses from this contractor ever. The pride that they put into their work shines through completely. Over and above all of this, you will find that Jay has a very unique ability to concentrate on what his client desires, and then delivers it! He is highly creative, with a bright and quick mind that astounds many. In his work he finds the deepest appreciation for our environment, and is totally committed to the utmost standards of planning and design, thus he receives tremendous satisfaction from his work, pleased with the knowledge that he has enhanced the quality of his client’s lives, and usually enhanced their property values as well! "
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