Photodigm Inc
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Joel Witt, Engineer
1155 E Collins Blvd, Richardson, TX 75081
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Photodigm DBR laser diodes are precisely fabricated to deliver single frequency, single mode output in the near-IR spectral band from about 740 nm to 1100 nm. The ridge waveguide selects a single spatial mode, and the monolithic DBR grating selects a single longitudinal mode. With a narrow bandwidth on the order of 1 MHz, Photodigm DBR lasers are uniquely suited to applications in atom sensors, non-linear, and spectroscopy. Since their introduction in 2008, we have sweated the details with our proprietary epi designs and our in-house wafer fab. We fabricate our own product, setting us apart from our competition with superior reliability at the highest available power in a monolithic semiconductor.
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