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Kjarsti Spaid, Manager
225 Northfield Rd, Northfield, IL 60093
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Valenti’s business expanded rapidly, constructing homes and apartment buildings to house an influx of new factory workers as local industry geared up for the war effort. In the boom years following the war, our firm’s client base broadened to include a scrap metal plant, a warehouse, an apartment building and other commercial projects. Joe Valenti outgrew his original corporate headquarters – a corner of his parents’ home in Portage Park – and constructed new offices on North Elston Avenue. Through the 1950’s, the postwar housing shortage created strong demand. Valenti built hundreds of homes in the city and suburbs, including an upscale development in Deerfield that would eventually house 500 families. Our company continued its expansion into non residential markets with an office building, a major recreation center, and an apartment complex. In just two decades, Valenti Builders had become a leading Chicagoland contractor. Our success was founded on a reputation for quality, integrity and commitment to our customers’ goals.
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