VT Mountain View House

This home preserves a westerly sloping meadow with Adirondack views by nestling into the landscape against the western edge of the existing tree line. The design is focuses on appreciating the views and the path of the sun across the sky throughout the day and the year with clean lines and a limited material pallet. Horizontal windows of the dining room capture the winter sunset. Broad overhangs extend the home horizontally in the landscape while keeping out the summer sun. The prow of house (living room corner and Master Bedroom porch) is created by the intersection of the twisted rectangles and points toward the highest visible Adirondack peak and the summer sunset. The rotated rectangle of the second floor bedrooms creates a covered entry and dramatic angled ceilings in the living and dining rooms. The west facing stair windows capture dramatic views while the double- sided fireplace anchors the center of the house as a focal point from all directions with circulation moving around it. The sunken living room following the natural western slope of the meadow and forms a natural bench at the fireplace and between living and dining rooms. Two offices are tucked out of the way in opposite corners of the house.

HERS score of 51. Double stud walls radiant slab heat on entry level with air-to-air heat exchanger for high indoor air quality.
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