Tarrytown Cottage

This project was selected for the 2004 Austin AIA Homes Tour.

Retaining the small scale and feel of the original home, this project added 1,317 sq. ft. to a 1,225 sq. ft. cottage originally built in the 1930’s. In the interest of minimizing impact to the site, no mature shade trees were removed and the footprint of the house was kept minimal so as not to encroach upon the garden area. Concealed French drains were installed uphill and routed under the house to collect and remove rainwater. Existing faux stone exterior walls were left intact and exposed in what is now the new foyer stair hall, which links all the house’s main pathways and spaces. The foyer’s ceiling --surrounded by high-efficiency operable windows that provide daylight and exhaust hot air -- enables this space to function as a passive ventilation system. Additionally, the utility room uses high efficiency Energy-Star appliances. All in all, this 2,500 sq. ft. house maintains the friendly scale of the original home, fits nicely within its heavily wooded site.
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