Modern Grace


This house is a clapboard American Foursquare style which is in a neighborhood with many traditional style houses around it. The clients loved their neighbor’s kitchen that we had done, which illustrated to them that a contemporary kitchen can work in a traditional home. There was a large family room addition on the back of the house of which the kitchen butted up to, but, the two spaces were lacking continuity. The clients wanted a more open and contemporary kitchen that was more connected to the family room. While working with the existing space.

The existing kitchen layout was too small for the size of the house, and included an inadequate amount of counter space. The layout was dysfunctional as well with the refrigerator across from the sink and near the range rather than near the sink. This caused the client to have to walk around too much during food preparation. There was a wide wall to the left of the refrigerator which did not line up with the cabinets on the opposite wall. This caused the threshold from the tile floor in the kitchen to the wood floor in the family room to be installed at an awkward angle. The doorway to the kitchen from the foyer created a funnel affect because it was too narrow. There was a clunky closet/pantry just next to this door under the stairs with a paneled door on it. This pantry was a waste of space and out of place.

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