Wine rack in the mid-century modern inspired home

At home in the mid-century modern inspired home, the STACT modular wine wall system's clean minimalist design aesthetic puts the focus on the bottle. Traditional wine racks and storage solutions shift that focus away to the rack itself. With STACT, the rack is beautiful and subtle, giving the stage to your collection as it grows.

Each bottle sits comfortably in its own space, as if suspended in mid-air. Cradled by two precision-machined extrusions, it’s secure in a place of prominence. There’s beauty in the flexibilty of STACT; mount a single panel, create your own custom pattern and plan, or grow your system as your collection evolves over time.

Eric Pfeiffer: “We want people to fall in love with these things. At the core of what we want to do is create products that people will keep forever.”

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