Squamish residence 1

3 bedroom + 1 bdr suite
Total Area 2200 sf
Completed 2010

Designed and built by Shelter, the project objective was to create a unique home in the context of 75 identically shaped lots in a new residential development.

Careful attention was paid to the massing and window placement so as to provide expansive views to the mountains without creating a fishbowl effect from the interior.

The defining feature of the home is the relationship between the large south facing clerestorey windows and the curved ceiling over the kitchen. The result fills the home with natural light and ventilation.

Working with a tight budget, custom built-in features and unique materials took the place of more expensive finishes to create an original and inspiring home.
squamish residence 1
“Orange planters oh really well with brown exterior and the greens and the Reds and the Yellows.” — aderitospinola
squamish residence 1
“layout with fireplace” — slthorne2
squamish residence 1
“one simple orange accent piece” — mikatina
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