Dining Tables

"Tabula rasa" is a Latin phrase that loosely translates to "blank slate" in English and has many literary and philosophical uses, but here we'd like it to refer to the opportunity to remake a dining area with a new table.

The table is quite clearly the centerpiece of any dining room and its style will determine whether people perceive the room as a formal or casual dining space. It can create a wide range of emotions, from feeling welcome to feeling downright pampered.

Size, material, style and placement all go into making a table speak a particular language to the people who see it and use it. What will it say? Will it be warm? Will it be imposing? Will it shout, or will it whisper?

These are the kinds of questions you have to ask when you buy a new table, because ultimately the table will be speaking for you. It will talk directly to your guests and you should consider what you'd like it to say.

In this Project we explore numerous table designs and attempt to listen to their various voices.
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