Garden & Outdoor Design


For Artistico World a very important aspect of the architecture of houses is the exterior design. Both facades, as surrounding housing and forming same volumes. There are several criteria that come together in a home project when conceived to it from outside. Some homes are thought inside out and others from the outside.

Our motivation in designing the exterior can be strongly driven by both Artistico World`s personality, as customers demand.
In all cases, the exterior design should address the balance with nature or the urban environment and not only for aesthetics reasons.


In Artistico World the garden is the space where we can get in touch with nature without losing the urban lifestyle. Being a more or less pre-planned and designed, the garden is also a place where we can relax and feel comfortable according to our needs.
A difference of what can happen with a garden, in the garden, the focus is plants, flowers and some trees, and no vegetables or crops. The garden thus plays a role almost exclusively decorative. To complement your decor, the garden can have not only beautiful and unique combinations of flowers and plants, but also with colourful decorative objects such as statues, small building, roads, sheltered and arbors, fountains and even small lakes with bridges including.
Of course, a garden design must take into account the climatic conditions of the area, as well as the different available materials, the utility and the public will have the pleasure to enjoy.

In Artistico World we like to work together with our clients, to create an exterior and garden style of each person and their needs.
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