Music Room

A little more than a year ago, Scott bought a world-class grand piano on which to play; however, he had no space in his home for the 9-foot-long instrument
Now a grandfather, Scott wanted to build a room where his piano would be the star and where he could play all of his instruments, including the guitar and bagpipes, as well as invite friends and family to enjoy music and show off their talents.

“I like music, and I play by ear, and I just love music, and I’m old enough I want to play more music,” he says. “I want a room to invite people in who like music.”

Adds his wife, Elizabeth, “At some point in your life, you get to this stage where if you’ve wanted something badly always, and something’s really important to you, you forgo some other things and say, ‘This is what I really want ,’ and do it .

The Couple commissioned Spokane based Hanson Carlen Inc. to design and build the music room as an addition to their house, located in rural When considering the design of the new room, the couple and Hanson Carlen architect Ryan Ruffcorn agreed that the room needed to serve the piano, a Yamaha-cf3s concert grand that previously had been used only when world-class musicians came to Spokane on tour.

“The concert grand piano had to be the focus, so the room really wanted to reinforce the quality and craftsmanship of the instrument ,” Ruffcorn says. “As I started to design this, the proportions— width by length by height—of the room was the driver for the volume of the space.”

The 900-square-foot rectangular room juts out from the southern end of the house and features 15-foot-high ceilings with about 25 windows that let in vast amounts of natural light .
The room has humidity and temperature control and an air-filtration system to minimize dust . To enhance the acoustics, the room has a 1-inch-thick walnut floor rather than carpet , and the ceiling iscurved where the walls meet

Story by Sandra Hosking
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