1947 Farmhouse: Sunnyside Drive

We painted the exterior of this rambling 1947 Farmhouse in Saratoga, California. It had a traditional feel to it, and excellent Feng Shui. The front door faced south, so we painted it red. In Feng Shui, south is the Fame/Reputation area, and the element is fire. Red is the best color to pump up your reputation.

The green we chose (Benjamin Moore "Chrome Green") has a 1940s feel to it, but is also pumping up "wealth" for the owners. Green represents the element of the wealth area, wood.

The yellow we chose was to brighten up the tired, scary, white exterior, and give it a cottage feel. The new owners couldn't wait for us to paint the house - it hadn't been painted in so long that once we put on that yellow primer, the neighborhood "woke up"!
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