Song Tao

Song Tao was born in Shanghai in 1969. He studied Graphic Design and Drawing at the Central Academy of Art and Design, and later went to France and obtained an MFA from the Institute of Plastic Arts at University of Paris in 1993.

After returning to China in 1994, Song Tao opened Galerie Tao in 1994 and curated a number of quality exhibitions for rising Chinese artists. In 1995, Song established his own design studio for home décor, interior design, exhibition design and services. In 2002, Song’s boutique ZIZAOSHE comes into being to represent and promote Chinese local artists and designers and their works. He founded an art exhibition organization SAY FINE ART at 798 Beijing in 2007, with a mission to recreate traditional Chinese craftworks, and organized Chinese Furniture Designer Brand Alliance in 2008. One year later, his O-Gallery gathered leading domestic and international brands and set up a stage to exchange design ideas. His design work features wood and acrylic materials with an intention to rediscover the traditional Chinese culture and to show the life force of traditional plastic arts to the world.
Twist (big)
Made of Acrylic & Soft Case Material Dimensions: 128cm(L) x 93cm(W) x 57cm(H) 50 13/32 in (L) x 36 5/8 in (W) x 22 29/64 in (H)
Twist (Small)
Made of Acrylic & Soft Case Material Dimensions: 71cm(L) x 65cm(W) x 52cm(H) 27 in (L) x 25 in (W) x 20 in (H)
Wine Cabinet
Made of African Rosewood Dimensions: 120cm(W) x 122cm(H) x 43cm(D) 47 1/4 in (W) x 48 3/64 in (H) x 16 15/16 in (D)
“wine cabinet” — Theresa Briscoe
Book Cabinet
Made of African Rosewood Dimensions: 85cm(L) x 53cm(W) x 175cm(H) 33 in (L) x 20 in (W) x 68 in (H)
“media storage” — tiffy01
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