Markham Road Princeton, NJ

The owner is a musician and an avid traveler with an extensive art and antique furniture collection. In its purchased condition, the apartment had some problematic issues that needed to be overcome. There were areas of too much light and some with no light. Some spaces were too large and out of proportion, while others were cramped and unpleasant.

The goal was to create an open and airy, free-flowing space capturing as much light as possible into darker areas. We needed to maximize the usability of the public and private areas of the apartment as well as incorporate sufficient storage.

Working with the owner's art and furniture collection, we sculpted the space to create a clean, white, gallery-like background. To this we added accent lighting, glass and mirrors, stone, painted and natural woods. Using this palette throughout the apartment, we were able to expand space, balance scale, unify the eclectic, and achieve quiet luxury.

Contractor: Baxter Construction
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