Sunny Conservatory

There's nothing warmer and cozier than sunrooms, which are also known as conservatories or orangeries (especially in the UK). Think lots of light, lots of sunshine, and lots of relaxation.

We designed and built this particular conservatory in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, for homeowners who wanted to have a bright, sunny space off their dining room that they could use at least three seasons. They never used the deck that had been there originally because the bugs would bother them or it was too cold or too hot.

Keeping in mind the number one goal -- lots of light -- we designed a glass roof, also called a roof lantern or skylight. The windows and doors are Andersen 400 series with Low-E-4 insulated glass. The white and black check floor -- which gives the space added panache -- is 12” x 12” ceramic tile layed over an insulated wood floor system, making it especially cozy during fall and winter and cooler spring days.

The result? A light-filled oasis the homeowners can enjoy year-round.
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