Barbican Centre Residence - 150 sqm - London

This residence is a busy home for a family of four. A superb space in the heart of London, it is buoyant with many activities from each of the family members and was therefore required to be a very versatile space.

Our team worked on the dining and living area only, providing layout and space management, material and furniture selections, and the choice of an accent colour as a general theme.

The family had a very specific brief. It was an area where the family could gather together and spend quality time interacting or getting on with each other’s activities. The family uses the space to watch TV, work on their computers, host dinner parties or just relax.

The accent colour was chosen to be orange. An extendable dinner table was selected with seats covered in leather. The warmth of fabrics for the sofas was chosen, with a very special coffee table that lifts in parts and therefore used to work on a computer or to have a light dinner in front of the TV.

South African art was placed around the space to reflect the origins of the mother.

All together a joyful and practical environment was created to the satisfaction of the family who could use the space for parties or for family cosy nights in.
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