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The use of color is an easy way to take any space from drab to fab instantly! Outdoor living areas are starting to become an extension of many homeowners’ interior living and dining rooms. They desire the use of their outdoor rooms to mimic the activities they have indoors. With that being said, for landscape and outdoor space designers, it is important to design these spaces to reflect the homeowner’s personal style, to include the all-important trait of color. Highwood USA features its products and accessories in five frame colors: White, Weathered Acorn, Toffee, Coastal Teak, and the most recent addition, Charleston Green. This variety of colors can be incorporated into any type of design including traditional and unique or even if as a blank slate for a room filled with colorful accessories.

All Highwood USA’s products and accessories are manufactured in the United States and made from the company’s eco-friendly, high-quality synthetic wood. The material is not only durable and long-lasting, but also good for the environment.

With your next outdoor space project in mind - whether a homeowner or designer - take a look at the colorful options featured in these photos. Don’t miss the captions as they offer several ideas how the colors can be incorporated on patios, decks and even at the lake or beach.
White featured on the Adirondack Chair
The Adirondack Chair featured in the White frame color would be the perfect spot to enjoy the warm weather at any seaside or lakeside location. The White finish provides a blank slate for accessorizing with accent pillows of any color or style. Highwood USA
“Adirondack chair - can buy at home depot” — ilovegavin
Weathered Acorn featured on the Weatherly Swing
The Weathered Acorn frame color has a traditional feel. Choose the Acorn finish on this Weatherly Swing to harmonize with other dark brown tones and hues such as a home’s trim color. It works easy-breezy to complement the surroundings of any exterior setting. Highwood USA
“Outdoor swing for front patio” — roxyc13
Toffee featured on the Deck Storage Box
Not too dark and not too light, the Toffee frame color is easy on the eyes and makes for a beautiful finish on the Deck Storage Boxes or any Highwood USA item. Reminiscent of the candy of the same name, the Toffee finish will make any patio space look deliciously designed. Highwood USA
Coastal Teak featured on the Kepner Bench
A fun and unique finish, try the Coastal Teak frame color. Featured here on the Kepner Bench, Coastal Teak will be sure to turn heads on any of Highwood USA’s products and offer the relaxing look and feel of being on the coast. Highwood USA
“simple” — cindycork
Charleston Green featured on the Lynnport Rocker
The most recent frame color, Charleston Green, is featured here on the Lynnport Rocker. According to the Historic Charleston (S.C.) Foundation and many of the city’s beloved tour guides, there are many stories behind the origins of this very special color. Commonly thought, the Union sent buckets of black paint to the city following the Civil War, many say to help the city in i...More
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