Patagonian Salvaged Cypress Side tables

Welcome to Patagonia Rustic Expression!
Salvaged wood accent pieces from The End of The World.

Experience Patagonia without actually being there and the beauty of the Patagonian Cypress will be yours to be enjoyed forever.

We believe that bringing into your personal space furniture that has been made from a tree that has lived through its full natural cycle and has not been felled but has fallen naturally, is the best way to honor the tree that once lived.

Our Aim: Welcome Patagonia into people’s living space, save the value of its wood, preserve its beauty, and in a sense, prolong the life cycle of the Cypress Tree beyond its existence as a tree!

Our operation is back-integrated to the sustainable harvesting of wood in Argentine Patagonia. Each accent piece is a unique combination of shape, wood tones and grain, which immediately catches the eye and brings natural beauty into any living space. We use naturally fallen native cypress wood to make various tables and armchairs

All accents come with a bronze plate indicating age and origin of the cypress tree and a booklet that tells our story!

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