Cervantes Addition

This is John Tabor's house. In 2011 he decided to add to his own home in hopes of testing out all the green products he uses in his business. This addition won the 2011 CotY award for "Green Remodeling the Entire House."

Our mission at Tabor Design Build is to transform our client’s home with a stress-free remodeling experience that is environmentally friendly. Every so often, John and his family become Tabor guinea pigs.

To find out how difficult and expensive these products are to build with and how well they perform, John uses his home as the guinea pig. That way if something goes wrong and the product doesn’t work as advertised, the worst thing that will happen is we will have to do something over again. Since we have already thoroughly tested the products, you can rest assured that they will work. Check out our variety of design build services, including many remodeling and green building projects in Washington D.C and surrounding areas today.
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