Xeriscaping: Tropical

Our client wanted her tiny back yard to remind her of 2 places she had lived and loved: Southwest U.S. and the island of Virgin Gorda. I must admit that I didn't have a clue (at first) what to do to replicate an arid tropical garden in her Atlanta back yard that had a drainage problem. See each photo's description to learn what we did to make her incredibly happy! Also see our project "Drainage Solution: Raingarden".
View from patio to landscape that never needs water
This side of the yard was the sunniest and the driest. Here, we raised the beds with soil that drained very fast to create spaces to plant very drought tolerant plants such as yucca, sedums, dianthus, palms & lavender to name a few. Here is also where we used colorful rocks that she desired. The pink rock you see is a mix of quartz and pink quartz. The tiny grey rock is a shale...More
“No watering?” — anniesue30345
Palms in Atlanta landscape
Colorful, drought tolerate garden. These palms and tropicals are winter hardy in Atlanta. Textures and colors were carefully chosen. Notice how we echoed the color of the patio tile with the rose quartz gravel in the landscape. Photo by Danna Cain
View past patio to spa area. Butterfly garden in raingarden outside of spa
The tropical arid garden near the patio morphs into a rain garden near the hot tub and fence. Read more about this in our project "Drainage solution: Raingarden". Photo by Danna Cain
“Naturalism” — Beverly Jackson
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