Wilsonart® HD®

Wilsonart HD is the countertop redefined - a coordinated interplay of surfaces, edges and sinks - a complete design solution that makes beauty easy for you, as well as affordable. Choose from a beautiful palette of colors and designs, all with AEON™ Enhanced Performance Technology making them up to five times more scuff resistant than traditional laminate. www.wilsonarthd.com
Bainbrook Grey & Perla Piazza, Wilsonart HD
This kitchen island features Wilsonart® HD® in Bainbrook Grey, which provides a similar look to white granite, while blending white, beige and grey. The Perla Piazza counter is reminiscent of glazed tile or tumbled stone, and layers ivory and yellow-beige with accents of white, bronze and soft grey.
“wall olo” — cascade3532
Corinthian Limestone & Silver Travertine, Wilsonart HD
This kitchen showcases Wilsonart® HD® countertops in our Corinthian Limestone design, which is similar to a limestone pattern with hints of red, blue and grey-green banding. The Silver Travertine used on the island blends off-white, taupe and grey.
“Kitchen cabinet 3?” — lakegma
Salentina Grigio & Rosso, Wilsonart HD
The Wilsonart® HD® Salentina designs featured in this kitchen are inspired by soapstone, glazed concrete, and tumbled stone. The Salentina Grigio countertop layers a blend of sienna and grey with accents of gold, while the Salentina Rosso island features a blend of rust, sienna and dark brown with accents of silver.
“backsplash” — jacquelinemoriarty
Winter Carnival & Luna Crest, Wilsonart HD
This kitchen features two Wilsonart® HD® designs. The Winter Carnival cooktop mirrors luxurious, exotic granite out of Brazil that includes rich red-brown colors with accents in cool grey. The Luna Crest countertops showcase various hues of bronze within a monochromatic design.
“Countertop Winter Carnival” — Kristin Gates
Luna Winter, Wilsonart HD
This kitchen showcases a Wilsonart® HD® Luna Winter off white design that is influenced by a light taupe/grey.
“counter” — aimeeklundt5
Mountain Passage, Wilsonart HD
The Wilsonart® HD® Mountain Passage countertops in this kitchen offer dark hues of sienna and brown, contrasted with blackened-brown for depth.
“mountain passage countertops” — rnicholejackson
Sedona Bluff, Wilsonart HD
This kitchen features Wilsonart® HD® in Sedona Bluff, which is a Travertine/Tumbled Stone-inspired design with colors of yellow, gold, and amber contrasted with off-white and accents of brown.
“Wilsonart Sedona bluff” — nrlehman
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