The Wilson House

The Wilson House was built in 1959 by Ralph Wilson Sr., the founder of Wilsonart. The house represented an ideal design for affordable and fashionable residential housing and had a profound influence on the future uses of laminate. Today, the house stands as one of the best residential examples of the mid-century modern style in the state of Texas.
Dining Room/Kitchen - The Wilson House
In the 1950's laminate was a commonly used household material that, while prized for its durability and decorative qualities, was applied only on tabletops and counters. By 1959 people were beginning to view laminate as a material that could have more extensive applications in the home.
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Kitchen - The Wilson House
The kitchen countertops in the Wilson House reveal some of the earliest work in post-forming, a process where laminate is bent to form continuous curves from the top to the side edge of the counter. Other applications include laminate clad built-in cabinetry in the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms, even in the shower!
Kitchen - The Wilson House
The colors of laminate used throughout the house are reflective of popular 1950's period fashion, such as lemon yellow, pumpkin, aqua and bright pink.
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Living Room - The Wilson House
Unlike other structures of the 1950's, rooms in this house were constructed with very little dry-wall. Instead, most of the walls were made by applying panels of special-grade laminates directly onto two-by-fours.
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Living Room 2 - The Wilson House
The Wilson House represented affordable design options, and was featured in Ralph Wilson Plastics Company advertisements as well as in the editorial pages of the nation's top trade magazines.
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