Artistic Furniture Catalog - Gonzalo De Salas

: A line of furniture focused on Top End decoration projects. Furniture inspired by the sculpture made by Gonzalo De Salas. Here he plays with shapes and materials combining high quality materials like natural rusted Cor –Ten Steel, stainless steel, iron, stone, wood or concrete. Each table is personally signed and numbered. Most of them are authentic pieces of art with timeless original designs.
About the rusted Cor-Ten steel you will find in many pieces, it is a type of steel that allows a controlled oxidation process and further treatment with a “patina”(It is not painted, the finish is natural). The rusting is controlled so it doesn’t stain at all. The touch is very smooth and has a warm brown color. (it seems wood, but it isn’t). Cor-ten steel is a very well known steel usually used by architects, industry, and also by sculptors (for example Richard Serra’s pieces).
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