Sunshine 10 x 10 Wood Shed / Pool House

The Sunshine 10x10 serves as a great hideaway for the kids, a cozy guest cottage for the in-laws or the perfect escape after a long day at the office. The Sunshine eco shed boasts a stylish flat roof design, a trio of raised windows on one side, a pair of plexi-glass doors with stylish horizontal frames. It's smart, functional and environmentally friendly. And did we mention it's also affordable? This is one design you'll enjoy for years to come, regardless of how you incorporate it into your living space. Because of the contemporary window placement, quality materials and attention to detail, you have a great opportunity to transform it into a solid lifestyle solution. Customize it the way you wish; the all natural wood looks great as is as does the addition color via your paint choices. -- Sunshine 10x10 Wood Shed / Pool House.

- Sunshine 10x10 Wood Shed Brochure - PDF, 2 M
- Sunshine 10x10 Wood Shed Blueprints - PDF, 595 kb

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