Contemporary Style With Open Layout

"First we moved the cooking surface that was in the island to the back wall. That one move created a focal point, provided the adequate ventilation that it had been lacking and was the first move in creating a better flow in the kitchen," says Normandy Designer Leslie Molloy, CKD

Next, Leslie separated the double ovens, hiding one in the higher part of the island. “There are a lot of appliances in this kitchen, and this move made sure the kitchen didn’t feel appliance heavy,” commented Leslie. “That change was another one that made a big difference in the kitchen’s traffic flow. Plus, putting the oven in the raised part of the island meant the homeowners wouldn’t have to bend down to put dishes in and take them out.”

“I brought in a darker shade of the green that accented other parts of the home into the kitchen tile backsplash, and used dark cabinetry to complement the dark furniture in the house. I also made sure it fit the contemporary style of the rest of the home and included stainless steel accents on the cabinetry."

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