Lake Forest Show House 2011


A long narrow room with 2 off-center access doors, this master bedroom had a diagonal walkway from the hall door to a charming outside sun room. The room had no focal point or architectural interest to welcome the individuals using the bedroom.


Our design team created an intimate space that is visually dynamic with creative planning, saturated color, and unique millwork.

2 separate areas in this small room are formed around the diagonal walkway:
1. A seating area in front of a window
2. A dramatic bed is positioned against the drapery wall for a comfortable & inviting sleeping area.

2 focal points for visual interest are created:
1. A drapery wall, as the backdrop to the bed
2. A custom millwork surround to “frame” the original French doors

Saturated colors (turquoise, citrine and fuchsia) create visual interest and a comfortable refuge with delightful harmony.

Eclectic furnishings, including antiques & contemporary items, are carefully positioned with the colorful fabric for a balanced composition
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