The Olde Mill Reclaimed Box Beams

Product Description

Built by hand. Made for life.

When you use products from The Olde Mill, you are using building materials that are manufacutered using reclaimed wood. Our products aren't simply "reclaimed", they are engineered as well. We remill reclaimed wood into veneers to create products that have the look and feel of reclaimed wood, with the functionality of technology. This means we create multiple beams/posts with the use of one reclaimed Longleaf Pine solid beam. Our forward-thinking method of manufacturing preserves a resource that will soon be rare and scarce.
Why choose hollow box beams?

Our beams transform design challenges into appealing architectural elements. Distinctive in how they address functionality and aesthetic, The Olde Mill Box Beams enhance interiors by utilizing architectural elements to balances aesthetic appeal with practical solutions.

The Olde Mill beams are easy to install and maneuver.
They conceal conventional framing and installation of a can light is possible.
It preserves natural resources & reduces carbon emissions.
The texture & finish of the beams is more consistent than antique solid pine beams.
As a bonus, we offer beam design. Simple send us your plans and we can help you configure your beams.
It's Eco-Friendly! To read more, click here: Materials

Reclaimed Longleaf Pine

Our beams are made of unfinished Longleaf Pine that is over 150 years old and salvaged from various old buildings across the United States.

Like fine antique furniture, the warm glow and stunning beauty of Longleaf Pine comes from its age. We believe that antique lumber is so beautiful and rare that it deserves to be handled, remilled, and passed back into use.

We recommend you letting the beams patina naturally on their on. To read more about Longleaf Pine, Click here: Materials.
Process & Craftsmanship

We handcraft our products for individuals who appreciate meticulous attention to detail. Would an assembly line be cheaper? Probably. But the way we look at it, when things are built with love, they're built to last. And that's why, at The Olde Mill, we're hell-bent on hand-crafted. Made right here in the USA.

The Olde Mill box beams are a versatile choice in any application that does not call for a structural placement of solid wood or in any application where there is a need to conceal conventional framing.

We start our process by acquiring locally salvaged solid Longleaf Pine Beams.
We remill the beams into 1/4" thick veneers. At this point, the wood is returned back to its raw state.
The veneer is then laminated to a plywood substrate.
Next, we straighten & shape them into a miter profile.
Then we hand clamp the beams together with quality waterproof wood glue.
And lastly we reshape & texture the beams by hand.

Beam Sizes

Our beams come in many sizes as well as custom sizes. Because of their light weight it is easy to install much longer beams than normal. We are able to produce beams larger than 22'-0", but lengths at those extremes may have a splice. Contact us for quotes on special sizes!
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